Science confirms the inspiration of the Bible

It was 1580 that Bernard Palissy was the first scientist to describe the present day concept of the water cycle. However, it wasn’t until the 19th century that we truly understood it fully. However, thousands of years prior to this “scientific discovery” God’s Word reveals the water cycle in perfect scientific accuracy.

“All the rivers flow into the sea, Yet the sea is not full. To the place where the rivers flow, There they flow again,” (Ecc. 1:7). Solomon didn’t have satellite imagery to verify this fact, but we know today that all rivers DO run to the sea. Those that don’t, dump into the underground water-table that makes its way out to the sea.

God reveals the process of evaporation as well, “The One who builds His upper chambers in the heavens and has founded His vaulted dome over the earth, He who calls for the waters of the sea And pours them out on the face of the earth, The LORD is His name,” (Amos 9:6).

The water cycle is then completed when Solomon writes, “If the clouds are full, they pour out rain upon the earth;” (Ecc. 11:3).

Science didn’t have a proper understanding of these concepts until just a few hundred years ago. How is it then preserved in the Bible several thousand years earlier? The only rational explanation is that this unique book cannot be the work of men, but that it was divinely inspired of God.


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