Just some “good” book?

There was a time in our country when nearly everyone believed that the Bible was the inspired word of God, regardless of whether they lived by it or not. This is not the case today. Most people have been spoon-fed a steady diet of “naturalism” since they were toddlers. This is why they have no reason to believe the Bible isn’t simply a work of man without doing serious research. Sometimes we as Christians need to remind ourselves that we’re not “taking a blind leap of faith,” but that we’re simply following where the best evidence leads. The Bible is not a science book, but the science it contains ought to be correct if God wrote it. If the Bible is truly “God-breathed” (2 Tim. 3:16), then it should contain markings that cannot be explained as the work of mere men. For now, let’s look at just one example: God’s law on circumcision.

God commanded Abraham, “And every male among you who is eight days old shall be circumcised throughout your generations, a servant who is born in the house or who is bought with money from any foreigner, who is not of your descendants,” (Genesis 17:12). But what’s so special about day eight?

Today we know that blood clotting is dependent on three factors:

  1. Platelets
  2. Prothrombin
  3. Vitamin K

Modern science reveals that Vitamin K is produced in an infants intestinal tract on days 5-7, and is actually responsible for the production of Prothrombin. Without adequate amounts of Vitamin K then a newborn also doesn’t have enough Prothrombin, and a circumcised infant would hemorrhage out and die. But still…what’s so special about day eight?

As it turns out, day eight is the day that infants have the most available blood clotting agents in their circulatory system. It’s only on day eight that an infant’s Prothrombin levels actually jump to 110% above normal. This makes the eighth day the absolute perfect day for an infant to undergo a surgical operation since their clotting mechanisms are at their very peak! However modern medicine has only recently “discovered” these facts. How on earth could the ancient Jews have accidentally stumbled upon this? That is unless it really was God who commanded Abraham to circumcise young boys on the eighth day.

Now you might be saying to yourself, “But we don’t wait until babies are eight days old to circumcise them today, and they seem to be fine.” That’s exactly right. We no longer need to wait that long. However, the reason we no longer need to wait that long is because the doctor gives the infant an injection of Vitamin K just before the operation.

Time and again the Bible rises far above the works of mere men, displaying the very fingerprint of God. Nonetheless, many people arrogantly scoff at the idea its inspiration, and the vast majority of humanity refuses to submit to the Bible as their compass in life. If there really is a God (which logic & science suggests there is) and He’s powerful enough to create all we see around us, then we’d better make every effort to find out what He wants from us before it’s too late.


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