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Suicide-Proofing Your Life

The famous Wall Street Crash of 1929 affected people’s lives in countless ways. Perhaps the most shocking statistic resulting from the aftermath is the number of people who took their own lives. That year, over 23,000 people committed suicide; the highest number ever in American history. Last year a close friend of mine decided to take his own life. He was well liked by most people, and had tremendous potential and talent. What drives someone to become so depressed that they view death as the only way of escape from the problems of this life? CLICK HERE TO SEE FULL ARTICLE


Use Your Mirror, Avoid Embarrassment!

Have you ever been in an important meeting or a big date where you didn’t make absolutely sure that your appearance and hygiene were just right? Of course not! We realize that when we want to make a good impression even something as small as a ketchup stain on a shirt can make a huge difference. This is why experts recommend against ordering a salad on important occasions where a meal is involved. Although one might think that a salad would communicate healthiness and maturity, it’s one of the worst options because of how messy they can be. Not only do the bites tend to be larger, but the chances of lettuce getting stuck in your teeth are very high. You may be saying all the right things, but you can rest assured that people are focusing on that piece of lettuce in your teeth.

Recently I was working out at our local gym here in Denver, CO. This is only about 30 minutes away from Aurora, where the tragic shooting during the premier of the new Batman movie took place just over a month ago. CLICK HERE TO SEE FULL ARTICLE

Do Christians have “law” to follow?

Click HERE: For a more detailed study on “law” in Christianity

Many people in America find themselves living under a double-standard. They love the tremendous freedoms and privileges American citizenship offers, and yet they protest the very laws that govern them. They fail to realize that in order to receive the benefits, it’s imperative that they submit to the laws this country stands for. Much of the same attitude permeates the world of denominational “Christianity.” Many well-intentioned people have argued that the only requirement of the Christian is belief that Jesus is the risen Christ. They preach that rules and regulations have no part in their religion, often citing the apostle Paul who wrote, “…for you are not under law but under grace,” (Rom. 6:14).  It is certainly true that that we are no longer under the Mosaic Law as a requirement for salvation (Rom. 7:6). However, does that mean there are no laws that govern the Christian walk? Does our New Testament advocate a “belief-only” Christianity? CLICK HERE TO SEE FULL ARTICLE

The Worst Lie We Can Tell Ourselves…

The salvation of sinful men and women throughout history has come through one avenue: the grace of God. Even the Jews, who served under the Law of Moses, were saved solely by God’s grace rather than their own works (c.f. Hebrews 9:15). However, some people embrace God’s gift of salvation in a rather smug manner. Their view of grace is that it allows them to continue to engage in their favorite sins; all the while they maintain their hope of heaven. They may say something like, “God knows I’ll never be perfect. I’m a sinner and His grace is there to cover it.” Did you know there was a time when God’s people viewed His grace in that very manner? He sent them the prophet Isaiah to CLICK HERE TO SEE FULL ARTICLE

The Not-So-Great Divide

How often do we see divisions and splits in the body of Christ? Sometimes they occur for good reasons (i.e. when someone tries to introduce false doctrine which will destroy the church). However more often than not these divisions occur because of faulty information and gossip. Sometimes a well-intentioned brother will say, “Did you hear what brother _____ said?” This is a tactic called “poisoning the wells.” You take someone who’s never even talked to brother _______ and inject a biased prejudice against this brother, when they may or may not have ever said such a thing in the first place. As Christians CLICK HERE TO SEE FULL ARTICLE

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