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How May I Be Of Service?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make a machine do all of your chores for you? Well now you can…that is if you’re willing to shell out about $150,000 per month. In November of 2011, Honda Motor Co. unveiled their latest creation in robotic technology: they call it ASIMO. This amazing robot is capable of nearly all basic human functions, except complaining. The ASIMO robot is designed with service in mind. Honda produced the robot to “be useful for people and to help enrich people’s daily lives.” ASIMO was created with one purpose in mind, to serve us.

Christians can learn a lot from this little robot. Sometimes we …Click here to see full article


Is This What We’re Feeding Others?

You can always tell when a presidential race starts revving up. Our television airtime becomes bombarded with campaign ads put out by the various candidates. A common occurrence that is becoming more prevalent is the practice of negative campaigning, or “mud-slinging.” Rather than trying to persuade voters by highlighting their own positive attributes, these ads are designed to slander and berate their opponents in an attempt to discredit their character. The information in these ads is often highly exaggerated, and it’s always presented in a hostile tone.

A recent study shows that 87% of Americans are concerned with the current amount of negative campaign ads being aired. However, …Click here to see full article

Is Christ In The Cubicle?

Filling out job applications…we’ve all had to do it. It’s never a joyful experience trying to list references, or attempting to read the employer’s mind as we list our “strengths and weaknesses.” Part of the reason we don’t like filling out applications is because we know that the information on the paper doesn’t adequately represent who we are. If they only got a chance to know us, they’d see.

Imagine for a moment that you were filling out a job application that asked one simple question:

“Are you a Christian? ____Yes ____No.” …Click here to see full article

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