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Unsung Heroes

We live in a world that glorifies the spotlight. It’s just our human nature. Who do we interview after a Super Bowl victory? It’s the quarterback. Who do we honor for a great military triumph? It’s the general. However history is replete with unsung heroes whose efforts go unrecognized. In the church, our tendency is to create a spotlight-effect on certain people as well. Week after week we see preachers, elders, teachers, and deacons serving as leaders to guide us in our effort to conform to Christ. Even though congregational leadership (as instituted by God) is essential for our spiritual growth, sometimes we can forget where the influence really comes from. It can discourage Christians who serve behind the scenes if we rank importance by the amount of time we spend in the spotlight. However, if we look at God’s pattern in Scripture, He does some of His most powerful work through humble, working-class people.

Take the prophet Amos for example. Amos wasn’t known for eloquent speeches or religious credentials; and he certainly wasn’t going to win any popularity contests! Amos was a true “country boy” with no interest in CLICK HERE TO SEE FULL ARTICLE


Olympic Smokescreen

No sporting contest boasts a richer history than the Olympics. Originally held in Olympia, Greece, our modern Olympic games offer over 200 countries the opportunity of claiming the coveted Olympic gold medal. The Olympic title serves as the holy grail of all athletics. Although athletes may compete for the world title in their sport annually, since the summer Olympics are held every four years a competitor may only receive one or two shots at Olympic glory in their lifetime.

Presently there are 30 sports for athletes to compete in, but that number changes as new sports are added and old sports are dropped. Recently the Olympic committee removed both baseball and softball from the Olympic docket. What can we expect to replace baseball in the future? Would it shock you to learn that the Olympic committee may soon replace reputable sports like baseball with… CLICK HERE TO SEE FULL ARTICLE

We’re Not Fooling Anyone

Have you ever received a courtesy from someone who didn’t really mean it? Maybe someone complimented you on your appearance, when you knew you really looked like you just got out of bed. Perhaps someone told you they loved you, but it sounded more like a pre-programmed response than a genuine expression. How did that make you feel? Sometimes it hurts us more when someone pays us a phony gesture than if they hadn’t said anything at all. It’s definitely good to give compliments because it builds up a person’s spirit. However people can tell when we’re just going through the motions.

Did you know that God feels the same way? CLICK HERE TO SEE FULL ARTICLE

Stay Off the Fence…Get Less Splinters

No person striving to serve Jesus as their Master believes that Christians can engage in what God considers sinful behavior. We understand that God won’t tolerate His children lying, stealing, slandering, becoming intoxicated with alcohol, engaging in sexual immorality, and numerous other activities that oppose God’s nature. We know it’s these types of activities that killed us spiritually in the first place (cf. Eph. 2:1-3). Although we’re not perfect, and we slip up in sin from time to time, as Christians we repent and keep striving to imitate Christ (cf. Eph. 5:1).

Even though we understand that we must purge the personal sin from our lives, what are we to do about all the sin surrounding us from day to day? CLICK HERE TO SEE FULL ARTICLE

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