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How’s Your Follow Through?

In 1999 ESPN ran a biography program called Sports Century, which counted down the top 50 athletes of the 20th Century. Not much of a surprise, the athlete who clinched the top spot was none other than Michael Jordan. Air Jordan is famous for helping the Chicago Bulls claim a whopping 6 NBA championships in the 90’s. However, before winning his first title in 1991, Jordan had already cast an ominous shadow over the rest of the league.

Consider his stats before winning that first championship:

• 1-time League MVP
• 4-times NBA leading scorer
• 4-times All-NBA First Team
• 3-times All-Defense First Team
• 1-time Defensive Player of the Year
• 6 NBA All-Star Games
• 1-time All-Star Game MVP
• 2-times Slam Dunk Champion
• Rookie of the year
• 1 Olympic Gold Medal
We might look at these achievements and conclude that Michael didn’t have much room for improvement; but we’d be wrong. In his 1990-91 season, Michael decided he still had a long way to go in order to be the most effective competitor he could be; so the “breakfast club” was born. Although Jordan already devoted himself to the grueling 2-hour regimen of coach Phil Jackson each day, that year he added an additional morning practice in order to push himself to grow. He and a few of the most dedicated players would eat breakfast together before engaging in their additional punishment. The “breakfast club” paid off in huge dividends for Michael. Although he was already the best scorer in the league, this additional training helped bring him 6 NBA championships over his next 6 consecutive seasons. Jordan was already the best…yet he still saw the need for improvement.

Like Jordan, the apostle Paul might top the list as one of the greatest spiritual athletes recorded for us in the New Testament. Click Here To See Full Article


Wish Some People Came With A Mute Button?

The ability to travel all over the world by airplane makes our lives easier in countless ways. Perhaps the most obvious perk of air travel is that it greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to arrive at your destination. On the other hand, even those short trip times seem like an eternity if you’ve ever found yourself stuck next to annoying passengers the entire flight. This is especially true in regards to parents who allow their unruly children to throw temper tantrums that disturb everyone nearby. If you’ve ever found yourself in this situation, the solution may not be too far off in the future. Some major airlines recently issued a survey in which 70% of frequent flyers responded that they would pay extra to install “family-only” sections on flights. This is because most flyers, “want to sit as far away as possible from children,” (

Like an airline flight, the body of Christ is made up of a whole bunch of people. What’s the most frustrating thing about people? Well…they’re people! Let’s face reality. Sometimes within the church Click Here To See Full Article

Pop Stars Or Perfume: What Will You Remember?

It’s difficult to imagine leaving our loved ones behind. When we consider the frailty of life, our minds often drift to how people will remember us when we’re gone. When we draw our last breath, will we have lived a life that leaves others with an example they can follow? Thoughts like these become more present when we reflect on the top news story of the week.

On Saturday February 11th, singer Whitney Houston was found dead in the bathtub of her Beverly Hills hotel room. The pop music superstar enjoyed world-wide success early on in her career, selling over 55 million records in the U.S. alone. However, in the last decade it wasn’t her music that made her famous, but her out-of-control behavior. As her inappropriate public antics escalated, she openly admitted to reporters about her daily abuse of cocaine, marijuana, and prescription medication. Her carousing lifestyle took its toll on her coveted voice as well, leaving it raspy and unappealing.

How are people responding to her death? New Jersey governor Chris Christie ordered that all state buildings lower their flags to half-mast to honor the deceased star. Fans are lining up in droves to add to Houston’s shrine outside the church building that will hold her funeral. As sad as it is that Ms. Houston’s future is now out of her hands, is the legacy she left us worthy of our remembrance? Did she Click Here To See Full Article

Proof: Jesus Boycotts Fast Food

If you’re like most Americans, once in a while you’ll stop in at a fast-food restaurant to satisfy a craving. This is fine, so long as it’s only “once in a while.” Morgan Spurlock learned this the hard way. Spurlock is famous for making the 2004 documentary “Super Size Me.” In the film, he eats nothing but McDonald’s food for one month.

By the end of the month, Spurlock’s body underwent severe changes including:

  • His cholesterol raising over 30 points
  • Gaining 25 lbs.
  • A 13% increase in overall body mass
  • A malfunctioning liver
  • Mood swings and depression
  • Etc…
It took Spurlock over 14 months to get his body back under control. Since his body wasn’t getting the right food, it could not perform its designed functions.

Sometimes Christians make the same mistake. …Click Here To See Full Article

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