Is Christ In The Cubicle?

Filling out job applications…we’ve all had to do it. It’s never a joyful experience trying to list references, or attempting to read the employer’s mind as we list our “strengths and weaknesses.” Part of the reason we don’t like filling out applications is because we know that the information on the paper doesn’t adequately represent who we are. If they only got a chance to know us, they’d see.

Imagine for a moment that you were filling out a job application that asked one simple question:

“Are you a Christian? ____Yes ____No.”

Now of course we understand that no employers actually offer such a job application. Aside from anti-discrimination laws, have you ever wondered why we don’t see questions like this when applying for a job? Perhaps it’s because employers don’t really believe that our being a Christian makes any difference in whether or not we are a good employee. Perhaps it is because employers have seen Christians behaving in ways that look just like the rest of the world.

In talking about the Master/Servant relationship, Paul demonstrates the tremendous importance of putting on the mind of Christ in our work.

“All who are under the yoke as slaves are to regard their own masters as worthy of all honor so that the name of God and our doctrine will not be spoken against,” (1 Timothy 6:1).

Today we don’t see much of the Master/Servant relationship, but we do work for non-Christian bosses in the workforce. Often times we begin to compartmentalize our lives and we see our work life as separate from our spiritual and family life. This distinction can lead us to behave at our work place in ways that we wouldn’t find acceptable in other situations. We can be tempted to ridicule our bosses behind their backs. We can be tempted to slack off on the job when we think the boss isn’t looking. We can be tempted to complain or be disrespectful to our bosses when we feel like we’re being wronged.

In all these examples, we are showing our boss (and co-workers) that Christians are very hypocritical. This gives them all the reason to “speak against” our God and the doctrine of Christianity.

If we’re going to be ‘renewed in the spirit of our minds’ (Eph. 4:24), then we must think the way Christ thinks, especially in our work environment. Rather than giving people a reason to bash Christianity, why not give them reason to hire more Christians. After all, if we have the mind of Christ, we should be the most desirable employee a boss could ever have. Not only this, but who are they going to come to when they have questions about eternity?

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  1. That’s a very encouraging thought Jess!

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